One of the main agendas of Sustainable Initiatives includes the concept of Smart Cities; which are basically futuristic and sustainable cities. We have a running project titled Sustainable Karachi that would function as the space to enable research, dialogue along with collaborative mobilization. This would promote urban sustainability in the city of Karachi. Smart cities are the cities of the future, which is why much work needs to be done over here.

A lot of work can be done within this project, which would include a physical space which would lead to in-house personnel to engage in dialogue. Strategies need to be developed and then actions taken accordingly. The idea is that there should be interventions that do not rely much on government but actually come from within the communities, thus serving as force multipliers.

The futuristic vision is that this would develop an urban sustainability agenda that has a pro-active civil society focus.

We also invite applications from a wide variety of different individuals and organizations, willing to collaborate with us on this forum, thereby leading to more efficient collaborative arrangements.  To become part of this project, please click here