Centered on one of our core objectives of creating space for different players of the civil society to come together such as organizations and the academia, Sustainable Initiatives has been able to create a Memorandum of Understanding with Dawood University, an academic institution based in Karachi

This project comes under the Umbrella of Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity, Learning and Entrepreneurship (Circle) under the Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, Thereby, under this project, there would be cooperation and exchange in different academic areas including guest lectures, the development of ‘think-thank’ and advisory bodies for the initiation of research to increase the involvement of students. At this moment, the project is not funded, but better funding opportunities would result in the sustainability of the program thereby spreading the outreach of this project, as well. Therefore, any other academic institution which requires the forging of such partnerships can contact us by clicking here. The idea is also to provide consulting resources for students for their thesis and dissertations derived from the huge resource pool at Sustainable Initiatives