‘Razakar’ means volunteer in Urdu. Considering the serious challenge in managing Karachi’s solid waste and realizing the need that change needs to come from within the community, Sustainable Initiatives was able to train a group of 20 young men from Hijrat Colony, a low-income locality in Karachi, Pakistan. This group of individuals was trained as volunteers on the ways to dispose of solid waste considering the ramifications on health and environment of such mismanagement. The volunteers are in the age group of 15 years to 28 years old and as part of the project, they voluntarily collect garbage from the houses and the streets of Hijrat Colony to make the area healthier and more beautiful.

Our team was able to train these individuals on the spirit of volunteerism along with making them understand the ways that garbage can be disposed of. Furthermore, we are also proud to announce that we facilitated this group by providing them with the necessary materials to collect the garbage. Thereby, we aim to fulfill one of our core areas of provision of municipal facilities. Over-reliance on the government will not achieve much, but civil society and people from within the communities need to step up. These group of individuals who are under the process of studying, along with the fact that some of them also maintain jobs are able to take out time for the betterment of the area. If you want to keep updated of their activities, you can look at their Facebook page.

You can also look through these brilliant individuals’ profile by clicking here.